Current Issue

VOL. 7 ISSUE 1 2018

Contamination and Pollution Assessment of Heavy Metal in Kuala Perlis Sediment Phase: A Statistical Analysis Approach
Arina Azmina Ahmad Zubir and Farah Naemah Mohd Saad
 [PDF 1-12]
Investment Planning Problem in Power System Using Artificial Neural Network
Shamshul Bahar Yaakob, Siti Hajar Mohd Tahar and Amran Ahmed
 [PDF 13-22]
A Study of Customer-Based Brand Equity Prioritization by using Analytical Hierarchy Process
Emmi Aida Esan, Norshahrizan Nordin, and Wan Norsyafawati W. Muhamad Radzi
 [PDF 23-32]
Analysis of Different Types of Full Reference Image Quality Assessment Algorithm
Faizah Mokhtar  and Ruzelita Ngadiran
 [PDF 33-38]
An Investigation of the Weighted Measurement for Charity Services by using Analytical Hierarchy Process
Nur Izzati Idrus, Wan Norsyafawati W. Muhamad Radzi, and Norshahrizan Nordin
 [PDF 39-46]
Treatment of O3 with Na2S2O8 by ANOVA Interpretation towards Degradation of Azo Dye
N. A. Razali, C. Z. A. Abidin, S. A. Ong, M. R. Fahmi, A. H. Ibrahim, S. N. Sabri, S. H. Kow, and S. A. Malik
 [PDF 47-58]
Improved Hamming Distance Method for Measuring Staff Performance Evaluation
Mohamad Shahiir Saidin, Muhammad Zaini Ahmad and Rasyida Md Saad
 [PDF 59-72]
Non-Linear Berger’s Coefficient Prioritization for Quality of Sustainability in Healthcare Services
Cheng Ching Yong, and Norshahrizan Nordin
 [PDF 73-78]
Positivity Preserving for Curve and Surface Interpolation using Rational Cubic Bézier
Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim, Mohammad Khatim Hasan, Mohd Tahir Ismail, Jumat Sulaiman, Ishak Hashim
 [PDF 79-104]
Emotional Intelligence of Malaysian University Students Using Non-Parametric Approach
Siti Noor Asyikin Mohd Razali, Tan Pei Chy, Norazman Arbin, and Azme Khamis
 [PDF 105-112]

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