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SPECIAL ISSUE (Call For Paper)

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Operational research has become a crucial tool in management, business and engineering applications. Modelling and simulation play important roles in representing the operation systems. The data analysis is necessary in gaining the relevant information from the available data to visualising and predicting the future possibility based on existing achievement. Machine learning is widely used by the decision maker to perform the forecasting and prediction of future results. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and computational algorithm are performed in industries and engineering areas to obtain the optimal solution in decision making process.

This special issue aims to assist the professionals working in the field of mathematics, operational research, management science, manufacturing, engineering and academic to share the experiences and knowledge. It will raise the awareness of significant applications of operational research and management science by employing various types of computational algorithms and adopting the machine learning approaches in forecasting the results for daily routine problems. The focus of the special issue will be on operational research theory, methodology and applications involving the aforementioned issues in the general sectors including public and private sectors, manufacturing, engineering, education and even social matters. The special issue will collect high quality and original papers that contribute to the methodology and application of operational research and to the practice of decision making.

The topics of the special issues are include the aforementioned areas but are not limited to the following:

  • Applications of mathematics in management science
  • Applications of mathematics in optimisation
  • Efficient Algorithms for solving problems
  • Discrete Mathematics/continuous/stochastic optimisation
  • Mathematical/dynamic/stochastic programming
  • Simulation techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence in engineering & management problems
  • Machine learning approach for problem solving
  • Inventory theories and models
  • Queuing systems
  • Transportation scheduling theory and applications
  • Assignment model and job shop scheduling
  • Marketing models/optimisation, decision theory/support systems
  • Operational research in engineering, manufacturing and management
  • Applied mathematical techniques in data mining and storage management
  • Supply chain management and modelling

The deadline for full paper submission for this special issue must not exceed 31st March 2020. The review process for each accepted paper is expected not to be longer than 3 months. Therefore, the notice of acceptance is expected to be in July, 2020.The typesetting and formatting follow to AMCI guidelines are expected to be done within two months. The camera ready to all authors will be released on October 2020. All full papers that are accepted for publication will be officially published on November 2020. (Roughly the deadline can be summarized as stated in below table):

 Matter Deadline Remark
 Full paper submission  31st March 2020  
 Reviewing process + revision of paper (Minor & Major revision)  31st June 2020 Minor – 1 month correction
Major – 3 months correction
 Notice of Rejection  30th April 2020  
 Notice of Acceptance  31st July 2020  
 Editorial Editing Process  31st October 2020 Camera Ready
 Publication  November 2020  


Authors can submit their manuscripts through the email The papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.