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Vol. 2 Issue 2 2013

PAM modification using trimmed k-median based on TCLUST cluster analysis
M.A. Md Jedi, and R. Adnan
Singular fuzzy linear systems
Solving linear-quadratic bi-level programming and linear-fractional bi-level programming using genetic algorithm
Hosseini, and I.N. Kamalabadi
Solving system of linear differential equations using Haar wavelet
Berwal, D. Panchal, and C.L. Parihar
Languages defined by pure patterns
S.J. Kumaar, P.J. Abisha, D.G. Thomas, N.H. Sarmin, and K.G. Subramanian
Existence of asymptotically almost periodic solution of integro-differential equations
Sathiyanathan, and T. Nandha Gopal
Bayesian estimation for Poisson process models with grouped data and covariate
Arasan, and L. Yue Fang

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