Vol. 11 Issue 1, December 2022

Inflation-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Panel Smooth Threshold Model Analysis in Different Geographical Region Countries
Jenq Fei Chu, Siok Kun Sek and Mohd Tahir Ismail
   [1 – 11]

Curvature Comparison of Bézier Curve, Ball Curve and Trigonometric Curve in Preserving the Positivity of Real Data
Afida Ahmad and Md Yushalify Misro
   [12 – 20]

Factors Affecting Parents’ Intention to Vaccinate Children against Influenza
Idari Ismail, Ahmad Hafiy Ahmad Zaki, ‘Ain Nazierah Abdul Rahim, Ayu Najihah Azizan, Mohd Noor Azam Nafi and Norafefah Mohamad Sobri
   [21 – 34]

The Approximate Solution for A Triangular Fully Fuzzy Matrix Equation ÃX̃B̃ = C̃
W.S.W. Daud, N. Ahmad, G. Malkawi, K.A.A. Aziz and M.F.I.M. Idris
   [35 – 44]

Depression Detection Based On Twitter Using NLP and Sentiment Analysis
Zheng Lim Yam, Zuriani Hayati Abdullah and Nabilah Filzah Mohd Radzuan
   [45 – 60]

License Plate Number Recognition Using Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Hanifah Sulaiman, Hani Fatiah, Nurul Nadirah Sharuddin, Suhaila Abd Halim and Nora Baizura Mohd Isa
   [61 – 72]

Application of Mahalanobis-Taguchi System in the Down-Up Case of Methadone Flexi Dispensing Program
S N A M Zaini, S K M Saad, N N Jaafar and M Y Abu
   [73 – 87]

Fraud Detection by Machine Learning Techniques
Esraa Faisal Malik, Khai Wah Khaw and XinYing Chew
   [88 – 103]

Comparing Model of Air Pollution Index Using Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Family (GARCH)
Nurul Asyikin Zamrus, Mohd Hirzie Mohd Rodzhan and Nurul Najihah Mohamad
   [104 – 113]

Likelihood and Bayesian Intervals in The Stress-Strength Model Using Records from the Pareto Distribution of the Second Kind
Ayman Baklizi
   [114 – 122]

Robust Ridge Regression Approach for Combined Multicollinearity-Outlier Problem
Aliah Natasha Affindi and Sanizah Ahmad
   [123 – 132]

Theoretical Analysis of MHD Williamson Flow Across a Rotating Inclined Surface
Belindar A.Juma, Abayomi S.Oke, Afolabi G.Ariwayo and Olum J.Ouru
[133 – 145]

A Production Inventory Model with Constant Production Rate, Linear Level Dependent Demand and Linear Holding Cost
Alhamdu Atama Madaki and Babangida Sani
   [146 – 163]

Evaluation of Predictors for the Development and Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy among Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Patients
Syafawati Ab Saad, Maz Jamilah Masnan, Karniza Khalid and Safwati Ibrahim
   [164 – 173]

Text Summarization for News Articles by Machine Learning Techniques
Hew Zi Jian, Olanrewaju Victor Johnson, Chew XinYing and Khaw Khai Wah
   [174 – 196]

A Family of Third Order Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations Free of Second Derivative
Muhammad Shakur Ndayawo and Babangida Sani
   [197 – 216]

Effect of Variable Axial Force on the Vibration of a Thin Beam Subjected to Moving Concentrated Loads
Afolabi G. ARIWAYO and Peter O. OLATUNJI
   [217 – 230]

Factors Affecting the Educator’s Ability on Learners’ Attraction in Learning the Programming Subject Specifically to the Engineering Students at UiTM Pulau Pinang
Jamal Othman, Siti Balqis Mahlan, Rozita Kadar, Maisurah Shamsuddin and Naemah Abdul Wahab
   [231 – 242]

A Heuristic Technique For Finding A Solution Of Job Sequencing Problem
Rajpal Rajbhar, L.N.Das and Arun Kumar Bhardwaj
   [243 – 251]

A Robust Diagonally Implicit Block Method for Solving First Order Stiff IVP of ODEs
Abdu Masanawa Sagir and Muhammad Abdullahi
   [252 – 273]


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