Metal Detector via KNN for Vehicle RobotMetal Detector via KNN for Vehicle Robot
Zaidi Lokman Awang, Muhammad Naufal Mansor dan Nordiana Sharifuddin

A Classifying and Ranking Selection of Healthcare Tourism Services
Nur Syahirah Mohd Asri and Norshahrizan Nordin
A Fitted Numerical Method for a Class of Singularly PerturbedConvection Delayed Dominated Diffusion Equation
Rakesh Ranjan, H. S. Prasad and Md. J, Alam
The Comparison of Standard Bootstrap and Robust Outlier Detections Procedure in Bilinear (1,0,1,1) Model

Mohd Isfahani Ismail, Hazlina Ali and Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaa

Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) of Risk Factors for Mathematical Anxiety in Tertiary Students
Zahayu Md Yusof, Nur Hazwani Mohd Zanuddin, Basharoh Abdul Karim, Fazlinawati Zakaria
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Classification and Feature Selection by Machine Learning Techniques
Satish C. R Nandipati, Chew XinYing and Khaw Khai Wah
60-year Research History of Missing Data: A Bibliometric Review on Scopus Database (1960-2019)
Farah Adibah Adnan, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria and Safwati Ibrahim
Marangoni Convection Boundary Layer Flow of Ferrofluid with the Effects of Thermal Radiation and Suction
Mimi Arina Hafizah Mohd Khairon and Rohana Abdul Hamid
Application of Double Natural Transform to One-Dimensional Heat Equations
Ravi Kumar Jain and Alok Bhargava
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