Analysis of structure reliability on beam using fuzzy finite element method


A. Y. N. Yusmye, C. T. Ng, S. C. Tan, and A. K. Ariffin




The main requirement in designing a structure is to ensure the structure is reliable enough to withstand any loading. However, in the real world, for structural analysis, the presence of uncertainties in the input variable has reduced the accuracy of the calculated structural reliability. The purpose of this study is to determine the structural reliability with the consideration of uncertainties involved. The developed simulation method is the fuzzy set theory incorporating with the finite element methods followed with margin safety based on the yield strength of the structural reliability. This method is then used to analyze a given beam structure under loading for the material which are made from Aluminium 2024-T4. In this study, the modulus of section, s and loading, w are used as a fuzzy parameters. In conclusion, the combination of fuzzy set theory with the finite element method plays an important role in determining the structural reliability in the real world. 


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