Vol. 6 (2017)

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Some Properties of Group Representation over Modules
Achmad Abdurrazzaq, Zainab Yahya, Ahmad Kadri Junoh and Ismail Mohd


Asymptotic Behavior of Nonlinear Operator
A. Alsarayreh, I. Qaralleh and M.Z. Ahmad


Solving Fuzzy Volterra Integral Equations via Fuzzy Sumudu Transform
Norazrizal Aswad Abdul Rahman and Muhammad Zaini Ahmad


Deterministic and Stochastic SIS Model of Common Cold in Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Nur Farhana Hazwani Abdul Shamad, Amran Ahmed and Mohammad Iqbal Omar


Jacobi‐Davidson, Gauss‐Seidel and Successive Over‐Relaxation for Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Fatini Dalili Mohammed and Mohd Rivaie


Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Stagnation‐point Flow over a Permeable Stretching/Shrinking Sheet in the Presence of Radiation Effect, Soret Effect and Slip Parameter
Fatin Nabila Kamal and Khairy Zaimi


Closed Form Boundary Feedback for the Time Fractional Order Partial Integro Differential Equations
Ibtisam Kamil Hanan, Muhammad Zaini Ahmad and Fadhel Subhi Fadhel


Numerical Simulation of Burgers’ Equation

Intan Mastura Ramlee and Nursalasawati Rusli



Solving Large System of Linear Equation Using Successive Over‐Relaxation, Conjugate Gradient and Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient

Nurhanani Abu Bakar and Mohd Rivaie


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